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ATSIP Award Recipents | 2002

Runners Up (in no particular order)

  • Emergency Response Information System (ERIS)
    Project Team: Joyce Emery, George Oster, and Dr. Reg Souleyrette

    George is associated with the Fire Service Training Bureau, Iowa Department of Public Safety. Reg is with the Center for Transportation Research and Education, Iowa State University. Joyce is in the Iowa DOT Office of Traffic and Safety.

    Location: Iowa DOT Office of Traffic and Safety
    800 Lincoln Way
    Ames, IA 50010
    Telephone: (515)239-1016
    FAX: (515)239-1891
    E-Mail: JemeryDOT@yahoo.com
    Project Summary | PDF (3,154k)
  • Crash Analysis Tools and Training for Local Users
    Lead Agency: Iowa Department of Transportation and Southeast Michigan Council of Government (SEMCOG)
    Joyce Emery / Robert L. Schultz Tom Bruff, SEMCOG
    Iowa DOT Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
    Office of Traffic and Safety 535 Griswold Street, Suite 300
    800 Lincoln Way, Ames IA, 50010 Detroit, MI 48226
    Phone: (515)239-1016
    FAX: (515)239-1891
    E-Mail: Jemerydot@yahoo.com
    Phone: (313)324-340
    FAX: (313)961-4869
    E-Mail: Bruff@semcog.org
    Project Summary | PDF (3,762k)



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